Bukit Darmo Golf

course_guideHOW TO PLAY

This uphill par 4 is the most difficult hole on the course. The fairway is wide, about the only thing in favour of the golfer. Ideally the tee shot should be aimed to the left of elevated fairway. The second shot is critical. The uphill shot calls for careful club selection. The huge bunker on left guards the green closely with the entire right side slopping sharply away towards the lake. Because the green itself slopes up toward the back it is the best to be a little short of the pin to leave an uphill putt if possible. An option open, and a wise one, is to play short of the green and to rely on pitch or chip to get close to the pin. Good par if you make it. Bogey is not a bad score on this hole. Forget any adventure.
hole 18

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