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Bukit Darmo is a special course for me because it was my very first opportunity to design a course in Asia. For that and many other reason, I wanted to design something unique, memorable, and enjoyable.

When I first visited the site, it reminded me a lot of the terrain back home in Florida, where I grew up and first started playing golf. The land is basically flat. Some people might see it as a negative, but for me as a designer, it is a big positive. With flat land, you are not limited to few ideas, or forced to follow certain design directions the land contour might push you toward. I looked at the land at Bukit Darmo as a blank slate where I could create something special out of nothing, and where I could explore ideas without limit.

We create a lot of variety throughout the course to give the members a different experience on each hole.

We create a number of lakes, mounding, exotic landscaping, and land features, all of which add to the aesthetic beauty of the course. One of the most unique features is the aqua range we included. I designed the course with multiple tees on each hole to accommodate player at all levels. I also like to take the golfer through different emotions when he or she plays at the course. I like to test their skills and course management, but above all, I like them to have fun when they play at my course.

Bukit Darmo is a championship course and a members’ course all in one. And I think it is both challenging and enjoyable for golfer of all skill levels. I hope the members enjoy the golf course and the private, country club experience. My personal congratulations go to the club on hosting their first professional tournament in 1996.

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Strategic, Ideal from All Directions
Strategically located at the intersection of Jalan May. Jend. Sungkono


Out Of Bounds
Left of hole land behind Green
Left of hole 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, behind Green 8
Left and behind of Green 10
Left of hole 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17
Left of 18 and behind GreenWater hazards–Yellow Stakes or Lines (Rule 26–1)
Lateral hazard–Red Stakes or Lines (Rule 26–1)Dropping Zone (Local Rules)
Hole 8 ball may be placedImmovable obstruction (Rule 24–1)
Cart Paths, Rain Shelters, Sprinkler Heads, Value Covers and Control Panels, Lamp Post, Halfway House, Fixed Seat, Litter Bins, Drainage System and Yardage Markers–within one club leg of nearest point of relief.Ground Under Repair (GUR) Defined by orange stakes and/or white lines. Trees supported by stakes. Tree bases (cultivated) at the base and flower beds may not be treated as GURPlay Discontinued:
a. Short Blast-Course Closed
b. Long Blast- Course Open
c. A series of continuous short blast– Play abandoned for the dayAll measurements are in metres

Stones in the Bunker “obstruction can be moved”


BLACK 6305 73,9 139
BLUE 6305 71,3 136
WHITE(CHAMPION) 5891 71,1 134
RED 4975 71,8 128




Green #15 edit

Pemain diminta untuk mematuhi butir–butir di bawah ini:
Players are kindly requested to adhere to the following points :

  • Semua pemain dilarang keras bermain golf tanpa mentaati Peraturan Golf (the R&A) dan peraturan setempat yang dibuat oleh komite (Peraturan 1-3, 33-8).
    All players must strictly adhere to the rules of Golf (the R&A) and the local rules published by the committee (Rules 1-3, 33-8).
  • Berpakaianlah yang pantas, pakai pakaian golf yang patut; baju tanpa kerah, baju dalam, baju penutup dada yang minim, celana pendek yang ketat, celana jins, atau yang serupa tidak diperkenankan.
    Please dress appropriately, wear proper golf attire; tee shirts, halters, short tight-shorts, jeans or alike are not allowed.
  • Lakukan pemesanan tempat dari jauh–jauh dan diharapkan anda sudah siap 30 menit sebelum tee anda. Pemesanan waktu-tee wajib dilakukan untuk hari Sabtu, Minggu, dan hari libur Nasional.Simpanlah barang berharga anda di safety box pada resepsionis.
    Make your reservation well in advance and show up 30 minutes before your tee time. For Saturday, Sunday, and Public holiday tee-off reservation is mandatory. Keep your valuables in the safety box at the reception.
  • Apabila kelompok anda tertinggal lebih dari satu lubang dengan kelompok pemain di depan, persilakan kelompok pemain di belakang anda mendahului. Marshal lapangan mempunyai wewenang untuk meminta pemain mempercepat permainan nya dan memberi instruksi pemain–pemain yang lebih cepat agar mendahului.
    If your party falls behind more than one clear hole between your party and the players ahead, let the party behind you play through. Course marshals have the authority to instruct any player to speed up or let faster players through.
  • Hindari membawa pager atau telepon selular ke lapangan. Apabila anda harus membawanya, hati–hati agar tidak mengganggu.
    Avoid bringing pagers or cellular phones on the course. If you must do so use it discreetly.
  • Pemain yang belum mempunyai handicap dilarang bermain di lapangan ini, kecuali didampingi pemain profesional yang diakui. Markah-tee biru hendaknya hanya dipakai oleh pemain ber-handicap 18 ke bawah.
    A player without a handicap is restricted from playing on this course, except accompanied by certified professional golfer. The blue tee-marker should only be used by players with a maximum handicap of 18.
  • Hindari membuat divot ketika melakukan ayun-latih di daerah-tee.
    Please avoid taking divots on the teeing ground while making swing practise.
  • Pemain yang terdaftar pada hari Sabtu, Minggu, Hari Libur, atau pada jam ramai diwajibkan minimal memakai 3 bola per flight (pemain yang menggunakan 1-2 bola harus digabungkan).
    Players registered on Saturday, Sunday, Public Holiday, or at busy hours must use at least 3 balls per flight (players using 1-2 balls must be joined together as one party).
  • PERHATIAN: Klub tidak bertanggung jawab atas segala kehilangan atau kerusakan pada benda atau properti apa pun yang dibawa ke dalam area klub, lapangan golf, area latihan, area parkir kendaraan, dan area-area lain Bukit Darmo Golf. Klub tidak bertanggung jawab atas cedera maupun kematian yang menimpa seseorang ketika berada di area klub, lapangan golf, area latihan, area parkir kendaraan, dan area-area lain Bukit Darmo Golf.
    DISCLAIMER: The club shall not be liable for any loss or damage to any article or property brought into the club’s premises, golf courses, practice area, car parks, and any other areas of Bukit Darmo Golf. The club shall not be liable for any injury or death what so ever or however caused to any person whilst in the club’s premises, practice areas, car parks, and any other areas of Bukit Darmo Golf

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